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  • Email English course
  • An account for tracking learning progress
  • Sales process automation
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The publishing house has extensive expertise in the field of foreign language learning. The owners saw an opportunity to create an online solution that would enrich the publishing house's offering with additional attractive and flexible channels for delivering content.

As a result of the cooperation, an email language course was created, designed based on the educational materials of the publishing house.

The publishing house gained an additional channel for selling valuable content. At the same time, their involvement in the sales process was limited to monitoring sale and user activity.

Formula of lessons sent regularly throughout the year, to email

After purchasing the product, the user gains access to the course and receives a new lesson with training materials sent to their email address every day.

For convenience, the user can freely adjust the frequency of sending, as well as plan breaks in learning, e.g., on weekends.

Monitoring progress in learning + access to lesson list through a dedicated panel

The user can track their learning progress and see how much material they have left to cover at any time.

In case of missing a lesson or falling behind, they can quickly locate the lessons and download materials.

Full automation of the sales process through a dedicated landing page

The publisher offers the purchase and delivery of the course completely without any human intervention through a dedicated landing page. They only receive access to statistics related to the number of users and payment processing.

Fast scaling of the sales process

After implementing the first product, we cloned it to create another product in Spanish. This solution allowed for a quick and cost-effective increase in the potential revenue for the client.

"Precise execution of orders, excellent communication, and fast and effective problem-solving."

- Filip Radej, owner of Preston School & Publishing

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