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Safe Baby

  • Custom Website with a CMS (Wordpress)
  • Management system for traditional and online workshops
  • Module for online workshop transmission
  • Workshop registration module
  • Email and SMS notification module
  • Reports and statistics module

Safe Baby is a workshop offer as part of a campaign targeted at pregnant women and parents. The increasing popularity of the workshops posed a great challenge for the owners to provide comprehensive information and conduct an efficient registration process for participants.

We created a clear informational website with a blog and workshop offer, which smoothly leads participants to the registration process.

The owners received a integrated panel for creating offers, bookings, and workshop registrations, as well as statistical tools for monitoring.

To facilitate communication with participants, the system was integrated with a notification module in the form of emails, as well as through SMS, which significantly streamlines communication with participants before and after the workshops.

Clear and informative campaign website with its own blog

The website was designed and implemented on the Wordpress system. Owners can easily add articles and update their offer and workshop schedule.

A smooth integration was made with the workshop registration system within one website.

Full support for user registration via website, email, and SMS

The website allows users to sign up for workshops and reserve their spot through a simplified form on the page.

Participants receive automatic notifications about their registration, as well as email and SMS reminders before and after the workshop. There is also the possibility of rescheduling or canceling their reservation.

Module of statistics and reports for owners

Thanks to this module, tracking the registration process has become simple. Owners can view the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts in one place.

The system also allows for generating reports for analytical purposes and exporting data to a file.

"After evaluating their engagement, professionalism, and flexibility in cooperation, we decided to establish a permanent partnership."

- Kamil Kasiak, Safe Baby Project Coordinator

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