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Family Primary School LEON

  • Website design with a custom CMS
  • Parent login zone
  • Email notification system
Projekt strony Leon

The year 2020 was a difficult one for the school as, like many others, it was forced to switch to remote learning solutions due to the pandemic.

In collaboration with us, the school created a new, attractive website from scratch with for easy content management system for its customers.

Communication with parents was improved through a login protected area with informational materials. There is also an email email notification system for important changes in teaching.

Website and Home Education Zone management in one place

The school received a system with a single panel for managing both the school and a dedicated area for parents.

The panel contains only what is necessary, making the entire system interface lightweight, clear, and very intuitive.

Dedicated area for parents + convenient notification system

Parents added by school staff gain access to an area where, after logging in, they can browse materials and messages related to their children.

Registered email addresses automatically receive notifications when important information appears in the panel.

"Our expectations and needs were fully listened to and taken into account, which resulted in a functional and visually beautiful website. The project was completed quickly, and the company is always ready to help with ongoing maintenance issues."

- Karina Bojarska, Founder and Director of LEON School

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